Secret Link For Glen Only!


This special link is for you only. Please don't share it with anyone else.
It allows you to get all 3 books you already read about.
      • Tropical Fish Secrets
      • How to Breed Tropical Fish
      • Profiles: 50 Freshwater Favorites

For only $7.49!

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That's the best I could do for you big guy.

Thousands of people have paid the full $27 so please keep this quiet.

As soon as you download it let me know and I'll remove the link right away.

I forget if you said this was a Christmas present for someone. If it is, you can burn it onto a CD and/or take it to Kinkos/Staples and have them printed and bound...that'll only cost you a couple dollars.

Enjoy and have a Happy Holidays!

Remember these are DOWNLOADABLE books. Don't call me back whining that you expected hard copies.

And DON'T ask for a refund...there won't be any after I went through all this trouble for you!